We Engineer

After more than 10 years of designing, building and managing for some of South Africa’s top food, home and personal care manufacturers, we are now offering our expert services to the broader manufacturing industry. With each project, we meticulously determine an accurate budget. This budget is continuously tracked to ensure we do not exceed agreed costs.

We know how to build and operate plants.

We provide an end-to-end service offering tailored to your manufacturing needs. This offering is comprised of:

– Full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), plant design and construction
– Outsourced plant operations
– Plant optimisation

As the principal contractor on the project, with our own professional team, we will appoint all subcontractors and manage them from start to finish. We contract at the lowest possible level to ensure we deliver the required standards of workmanship without the costs. From appointment to handover, we will ensure your team is kept informed and fully equipped to take over your new facility at start up.

We Operate

Our extensive experience in operating consumer goods manufacturing plants means we can offer a low-cost operation management option. Focus scarce resources elsewhere and have us ensure your facility is operating optimally.

This can be a attractive, low-cost option especially for those unfamiliar with local operations or where manufacturing is not a core organisational capability. This may include maintenance planning and service implementation.

We Optimise

Rising levels of complexity, skills shortage and lean structures result in suboptimal performance. We assist you to optimise your production facility. Our management techniques include:

  • Remote plant monitoring
  • Performance tools and data analytics
  • Identification of root causes
  • Improvement plans
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Supply and demand management innovation